Osiris is a 2d Metaverse

Game, Socialize, Build, &  Earn

Game: Enter the nexus, an arena with portals to many fun classic games.
Socialize: Attend events with friends in a variety of fun virtual 2d spaces.
Build: Design your digital property with hundreds of customizable options.
Earn: An ecosystem of ongoing rewards for holders of Cosmic Kids.
The FALLING: part 1


$CSMIC is now falling on the Cosmic Kids!

$CSMIC awards Cosmic Kid holders immediate utility within Osiris.

$CSMIC is not an investment and has zero monetary value.

$CSMIC is offchain but can be redeemed for on-chain rewards.

An additional play & earn currency is coming in the future.


Website relaunch coming soon. Early access to Osiris coming in Q1 2024 to: