Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids are the NFT avatars of Osiris the Metaverse. Osiris is a dynamic virtual world with games, currency and player owned assets. To access Osiris start with acquiring a Cosmic Kid, a unique ERC-721 utility token on Ethereum. Cosmic Kids offer benefits such as passive income and voting rights in the DAO. Initially, there will be 10,000 unique Cosmic Kids available.

True NFT Utility

Cosmic Kids are truly the next generation of NFTs. Your Cosmic Kid is not just a static picture, but an actual playable avatar that can earn crypto-currency in Osiris the Metaverse.

Cosmic Kid’s Can Earn

You are the sole owner of your unique avatar. You can use it to access Osiris and gain currency from many play to earn experiences. You can also collect income by leasing your Cosmic Kid to other players. If you specify your Cosmic Kid can be played by others, it is placed into a pool of available avatars which other users can temporarily play as. Each time your Cosmic Kid earns currency you receive a portion of that income. Each Cosmic Kid you lease earns you passive income without the need to do anything while you retain full ownership rights.

Exceptional Rarity

Cosmic Kids have many different attributes, each containing varying degrees of rarity. Together these constitute your Cosmic Kid's rarity score. The rarest Cosmic Kids have greater energy which increases your earning capacity in Osiris.


New Cosmic Kids will only be minted as demand increases and the floor price rises. This is done in accordance of community governance. Additionally, we will introduce a mechanism whereby Cosmic Kids can be burned by the community in exchange for a cross chain currency known as Opal (ERC-20, BEP-20, Polygon). This provides NFT holders increased liquidity while enabling the option for community members to reduce supply.

Cosmic Kids are sold out.