July 15th 2021
Litepaper Release
July 15th 2021
Deploy Initial Webapp
July 30th 2021
Begin Minting Cosmic Kids
August 15th 2021
Whitepaper Release
September 3rd 2021
Begin Accepting Cosmic Scholarship Applications
Fall 2021
Begin Opal Security Audit
Fall 2021
Alpha Invites for Cosmic Kid Owners
Fall 2021
Opal Available on Uniswap
Fall 2021
Client Side OpenSea API Integration for Osiris Art Gallery
Fall 2021
Finalize Initial Game Partnerships for Beta Release
Winter 2021
Launch Web Portal for Osiris DAO
Winter 2021
Android & iOS Beta Release


January 2022
Osiris DAO Operational
Feburary 2022
Desktop & Web Early Access Release
June 2022
In-game Zone Editor Goes Live
Summer 2022
Desktop & Web Version 1 Release
Summer 2022
Begin DAO Grant System
Summer 2022
Player Instances
* Roadmap is an active work in progress and is subject to change.